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Saturday 9th February 2019

We've had the Lakes ice free for the last two days and anglers have been able to fish at last. We've only had five anglers fish because of the strong winds but even though the weather was against us it's fished really well with anglers averaging five a rod. Not bad when it was pretty tricky getting a cast in for the wind. Best patterns have been the Black & Green Tadpole and the Bloodworm. 

Thursday 31st January 2019

Lakes at 9.30 this morning....

Jubilee lakes

5th January 2019

Last week was pretty slow for fishing until Saturday when we had the Parkers down from Consett. Those lads are used to the cold weather and caught well though they had to fish slow & deep on a cheese coloured egg fly.

30th December 2018

Our Grandkids and visitors have all gone home and feet up at last. Hope you’ve all had a peaceful and happy Christmas and are ready to enjoy the start of the New Year. Have a lovely end to this year and all the vey best. Dave, Sandra & Angie.

Jubilee LakesJust had to attach this image from November 2006 - well we've been here a very long time - 30 years in fact. Hope you've had an absolutely brilliant Christmas and just a reminder - please don't forget the Shop & Lakes are closed until 9am Wednesday the 2nd of January, don't want you to waste a journey.

All the very best to you and your families for 2019.

Dave & Sandra


Wednesday 19th December

Lakes are fishing really well - just get wrapped up to keep warm & dry! The trout don't mind this weather. Lakes have been averaging over 5 per rod and this last week has been around the same. These averages are for trout caught on 4 hour tickets and without strike indicators - bit of proper fishing not the whimpy stuff. Best patterns this week have been small - Diawl Bachs & orange buzzers plus a few beasts such as the ever popular orange blob, olive snake etc.

Christmas dates as follows for shop & lakes -

Open this week - Wed 19th, Thurs 20th, Friday 21st from 9 to 3p.m. & Saturday 22nd Dec 9a.m. to 1p.m.

Open again Wed 2nd Jan, Thurs 3rd, Fri 4th from 9 to 3p.m. & then Saturday 5th Jan from 9a.m. to 1p.m. Closed then until 9a.m. on Wednesday 30th January.

Note: Online orders as normal throughout post permitting.


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Updated Monday 26th November

Sorry it's been a while but since we started C&R there are no good fishy photo's. Not half as interesting!

Anyway the fishing has been good and especially this last week. Black lures, orange blobs, Diawl Bachs, amber or pink worms and muddlers have done well. Overall though if the weather has been a bit warmer especially on an afternoon the trout have been coming up in the water and taking on dries especially the daddy and F Fly.

Don't forget we're on winter opening now - Wed, Thurs, Fri & Saturday from 9a.m to 3p.m.

And don't forget when your Mam asks what colour socks you want for Christmas - we have our Gift Vouchers. You can use them for fishing or for tackle and all Mam has to do is give us a ring 01388772611 while shop is open or Order Vouchers Online. Postage is free. Dead easy!

Gift Vouchers

Monday 29th October

Just a reminder that with the clocks changing our opening times have changed. The days we are open remain the same, Wednesday through Saturday but hours on the fishery and in the tackle shop are now 9a.m through to 3p.m.

Also this is a link to Willington Angling Clubs 2018 Grayling Day to be held on November 11th 2018. Anglers are asked to register their interest early as this is a very popular event.

Wednesday 24th October

Nice little trout for Philip Totten from Lanchester. Weighing in at 8lb 12oz it was caught on a white snake. Phil also had another nine trout caught on the snake, olive zonker and orange blob. Blyth Palmer also had a good day with 11 trout on a black zonker with a touch of UV. Ideal for getting the trout's attention on a bright day. Other anglers caught on bloodworm, Dawsons & dry daddies.

Philip Totten with 8lb 12oz rainbow

Saturday 20th October

Some good fishing at Jubilee Lakes this week. Brian Wallace (below) landed a 3lb 11oz and a 3lb 5oz and returned another 8 trout. Caught on Grey Zonkers and then on Diawl Bach.

Brian Wallace

Other Important News from the Local fishing Clubs -

This is a link to Willington Angling Clubs 2018 Grayling Day to be held on November 11th 2018. Arrangements will be similar to 2017 and anglers are asked to register their interest early as this is a very popular event.

Important one for salmon anglers - Event organised on the R. Tees by Olly Shepherd of Fly Fishing Yorkshire when many of the clubs open their doors to non members allowing them to fish to gauge the salmon population on the Tees. This will be held Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October. It is important to register with Olly for this event - Tel: 07850 506870 or Email: Facebook:

Wednesday 17th October

Lance Roberts with 3lb 7oz trout he caught today on an Olive Zonker. Trout were down taking on blobs & bonkers - they don't always appreciate the sunshine!

Just to mention that with the clocks changing shortly our times will be changing. The days we are open remain the same, Wednesday through Saturday but hours change on the fishery and in the tackle shop to 9a.m through to 3p.m. We'll update on Christmas Opening nearer the time. 


Lance Roberts with 3lb 7oz trout he caught today

Wednesday 6th September

Nice 6lb rainbow caught by Mr J Singlewood from Darlington on a Black Snake. Others were catching on natural zonkers and especially on the top lake from mid morning dry flies and emergers. Excellent days fishing with plenty fish caught and plenty lost off - they're pretty fit!J Singlewood 6lb Rainbow

Friday 31st August

Fishing is really starting to pick up with the cooler nights and shorter days. Blyth Palmer, (below), Alan Proud, Phil Totten, Rob King, Richard Dawson and others have all done well - some on lures such as the black or white zonker but mainly on the dries especially daddies and sedges. Just what you would expect in September.

Wednesday 29th August

Blyth Palmer was on form as usual today. He caught the biggest trout we've had taken this year. Weighing in at 11b it was caught on one of his own patterns. Good days fishing with a mix of lures such as the one Blyth used and Daddy Long Legs. The CDC daddy was very effective.

Blyth Palmer

Blyths pattern Blyth's zonker with just a bit of UV tinsel at the tail.


Saturday August 25th

Derek Parker ticed 7lb 12oz out on an Olive Blob plus another seven trout on a mix of the olive blob and eggstacsy blob. Not one of the prettiest trout we've seen but it was certainly lively. Even so our trout have done pretty well through the summer probably because of our lovely spring fed lakes.

D Parker last

We've had Dave doing some housekeeping.....

Giving the top lake a bit of a blitz - well drinking tea!

Dave & Top Lake

Friday 10th August

Nice one for Wayne Best from Shildon. Nothing doing but then he changed to a pattern he uses as he is back up. A simple black & white pattern. Missed two then latched into a nice 9 pounder. Happy man!!!

Wayne Best 9lb   Wayne's pattern

Thursday 9th August

Great start to the day. Max Duffy from Middlesbrough is pretty new to the fly fishing but him & Dad have both had 3 pounders this morning. Caught on an olive on an intermediate line.

Max Duffy & trout

Jubilee Update Saturday 28th July

The weather has certainly changed this last week. Now a much cooler and much fresher. There are certainly plenty of trout moving around and it's looking good for opening on Wednesday morning. Catching this week - buzzers, bloodworm, yellow dancer daddy long legs and damsel nymphs. Lakes are good and no problem at all with weed or algae.

Jubilee Update Saturday 14th July

Fishing much better this week with some very slightly cooler and breezier weather.

Lakes and trout look great and benefit from our cool incoming water. The usual cdc emergers, daddies, hoppers, gold head damsels doing well and deeper the orange blob and black tadpole type lure.

Mr B Trewen from Middlesbrough did well taking 2 trout including the 3lb 7oz in the image on a gold head damsel and returning a couple as well.

                  B Trewen

Jubilee Update Saturday 7th July

The weather hasn't changed much which is a bit of a shame. Still the same patterns catching - orange blob or lure or weighted nymph fished deeper or as more typical at this time of year the damsel nymph, CDC shuttlecock buzzers and daddies.

One of the anglers, Ron Bryden from Bishop Auckland summed up one of the trout's favourite meals at the moment - the baby frog (or toad). We have millions of both on the lakes at the moment and the trout aren't holding back!

Bit cooler today so fingers crossed for some decent fishing this week. Lakes are pretty much free of weed so all good.


Jubilee Update Saturday 30th June

Sorry it's been a while since the last report but I just seemed to be repeating myself. Not too surprising really since this is our thirtieth Summer here at Jubilee Lakes and in fact the twenty-fifth year for the tackle shop here.

Just an update though to say that the fishing is going pretty well considering the weather. We are having no problem with weed or algae, the lakes look good and the trout are healthy and on good form.

Best patterns have been the Daddy, F Fly, Pink Bloodworm, Czech Nymph and strangely an orange lure but fished on an intermediate line. It's rare you need anything more than a floating line on here but Alan Proud from Redcar found this technique pretty effective and when more typical summer patterns haven't worked this has been a good one to fall back on to.

I haven't been giving the usual early morning weather update and won't during the Summer unless anything drastic happens with the weather. It's a bit monotonous at the moment - sunny, sunny, more sunny. With a bit of luck the weather will cool off a bit shortly - we've had a few fried anglers lately!

Tuesday 15th May

The weather is certainly warm now and plenty of anglers are out fishing. Trout are being very well behaved and though some anglers are still using the blob, dancer, zonker etc the trout are taking high up on the water.

The hawthorne fly has been very effective this week and again the shuttlecock type patterns and shipmans whether dressed with CDC or with foam to make them float high in the water.

Some very good fish into double figures returned this week and some nice ones taken.

Images are of Stuart Hicks from Middlesbrough with a trout of 4lb 4oz caught on a Montana. Blyth Palmer with a 4 pounder and Mike Raine with a trout of 3lb 8oz caught on a parachute buzzer - everyone looking nice and tanned and the trout weren't bad either!

Can we just mention that there is no fishing this Saturday 19th. It's our open day from approx 10a.m to 2.30pm - all welcome. Hoping the good weather will continue for it.

Stuart Hicks  

Stuart Hicks

Blyth Palmer Mike Raine

Blyth Palmer (left)  & Mike Raine (right)


Monday 7th May

Hot, sunny but a lovely weeks fishing mainly on patterns like the black diawl bach, klinkhammers, shuttlecock buzzers & hawthorne flies particularly on the top lake once the day warmed up a bit. Damsel nymphs bloodworm and blobs have also been effective.

Young Daniel Skelton from Darlington aided by his uncle Terry Young managed a nice little trout of around 2 1/2lbs but there have been quite a few good trout returned this week.


Also just a reminder - our Open Day will be on May 19th from 10.30a.m to 2.30p.m. 

Hardy, Rio, Vision & Greys will all be here with a great range of rods & lines to try. Switch & double handed casting demos from Jim Fearn from Rio/ Vision. Well worth coming along even if it's just to bring your own flyrod to match up a flyline. 

Monday 23rd April

This better weather has made a real change to the fishing with many more trout being taken on the surface.

Traditional dries like the Whickhams have been very effective but CDC Emergers, foam shipmans, foam supender buzzers and elk hair caddis have all worked well. Still worth keeping a second rod set up though or at least your lure box just in case you need a blob or zonker should the sun go in and the wind turns cooler.

Mr Tom Cutmore from Chester le Street took a nice trout of around 4lb on a buzzer.

Mr Cutmore

Just to mention our Open Day will be on May 19th. Was arranged for March but the weather put a stop to that. Hopefully it will be a bit kinder this time round.

Monday 16th April

The fishing has been a bit more changeable this week with a variety of patterns catching. The black buzzer, cruncher, viva, orange blob and gold head damsel have all worked well. Lots of trout rising and a Shipmans or CDC suspender buzzer are a good choice to fish just below the surface film.

Phil Totten from Lanchester had an excellent day with 17 trout taken on a variety of patterns with the gold head damsel being the most effective. He didn't have much competition that day as the weather was pretty grim!

Phil Totten

All road works are now complete and we are open as normal.

Monday 9th April

Fishing has continued to be well behaved this week. Catching patterns have been the zonker, cats whisker and black tadpole though all have done best on a floating line. The black buzzer has also done well. 

Just to mention that although there will be roadworks in progress on the lanes leading to the fishery there will be no problem with access. The roadworks are more than welcome after this winter. Our little lanes have been all but washed away!

Sunday 1st April

Fishing this week has been consistently good with more anglers out and about in spite of the awful weather.

Best patterns have been the zonker - olive, black or white and the olive goldhead damsel has also done well. Derek Parker and Dad Eric, (right), both had good trout on the white zonker. This in spite of the rain - but then again they had driven down from Consett through 2" of snow!

   Derek Parker        Eric Parker

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Wednesday 28th March 2018 - Back to Summer Opening Hours

Had one or two anglers phone up to check our opening hours. Well we are on BST now and so open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9a.m to 5p.m and Saturday 9a.m to 4p.m.

Fishing is steady with trout taking on dry flies on the surface especially elk hair patterns or leggy Daddy patterns. Sub-surface the damsel and bloodworm (red or olive) have both been very effective.  

Open Day Scuppered by the weather - but we are hoping to re-book for May 19th so put that date at least provisionally in your diary!

Our Open Day should have been this Saturday 17th March but because of the kind of weather we've been having and because it's just never stopped raining we've had to cancel. We hope to re-arrange for mid May and will update as soon as we know more. The day was to be hosted by ourselves together with Vision, Hardy, Rio, Greys & Cortland. Disappointing but we'd have had to give out free wellies! The Lakes are open for fishing as usual and the water is pretty clear but the banks and car park wouldn't have stood the kind of footfall we get on Open Days. The field we use for overflow parking is just a puddle. Weather can only get better - we hope!!

Wet Jubilee Lakes

Photo taken this afternoon and guess what - it was raining!


Fishing Report at Saturday 17th February 

Once the ice had finally cleared we actually managed to get two days fishing. Friday fished really well on a range of patterns from zonkers and blobs but more especially on flashback hares ears and buzzer. Saturday was harder. Most of the day it was really cold but it warmed up nicely on the afternoon. We only had one angler left, see below but he had some great sport initially catching on an olive flashy lure and then on a dry fly. Brilliant afternoon for Jonathan Pannacchini below with one of the trout he took on a dry fly - the olive dun

John Pannacchini

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Fishing Report at Saturday 10th February 

Due to weather conditions we've barely been open this week and only had four anglers fish. Three of the anglers did not a lot but the fourth, Ryan Barron from Coxhoe took seven trout in the short time he fished.

He had his first trout quickly and fairly deep down but then nothing until he noticed that the trout were swimming very close to the surface. He fished an olive & white worm about a foot down and in just three hours took seven trout. Made the day worthwhile!

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Report at Saturday 3rd February 

Patterns have changed again and now the red buzzer, bloodworm and cats whisker have become the trouts favorite food. The grey zonker has also done well and is always a winter favourite.

A few nice trout taken this week - image below is of Lance Roberts from Darlington who took his 31/2lb trout on a Grey Zonker. And then the image below Lance is of Derek Parker from Consett - sorry Derek mangled your photo - neither you nor the trout look too great!! Derek took a 3lb 15oz and a 3lb 10oz trout and returned others on a green and white lure.

Got a bit of snow down at the moment but it doesn't look as though it's going to last so fingers crossed for more good fishing this week.

Lance Roberts

Derek parker

Report at Saturday 27th January 

Well not knock you over fishing but pretty good stuff and mainly on the black buzzer and hare's ear. Those who have cracked it and realised that lures weren't the trouts favourite snack have had some really good fishing. From our point of view it's just really good to be open for business again. It's unfortunate that our lakes, like most, are in the valley bottom - not good when the roads are icy. Hopefully we've seen the last of it at least for a while. 

Dave's shoulder is getting better but slowly. He just didn't bounce and is now banned from climbing ladders - mind you he was already banned when he did it. Pest!! We're back to our usual winter opening times now - from 9 till 4 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday till clocks change.

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Photo taken Thursday 18th Jan - very pretty but what a nuisance!!

This morning

Saturday 13th January

Fishing is going very nicely and we are averaging over four a rod and since most anglers are on four hour tickets at this chilly time of year that's pretty good.

Best patterns are still the small imitative ones. Although anglers have caught on zonkers and blobs the anglers who have done best have caught on tiny black buzzers and hares ears. Still plenty of trout rising in spite of the cold.

Wednesday 20th

The lakes have been open at last today. Some really good fishing and a 6lb 12oz taken by Dave Scott from Teesside on a Jack Frost ( white & red ). Just to mention that tomorrow is the last day we can post to you to arrive before Christmas so even for one of our gift vouchers get your order in before 3p.m. tomorrow. Shop & fishery open 9 to 4 tomorrow, Friday & Saturday then closed until the following Wednesday 27th.

Dave Scott

Fishing this last week to Saturday 9th December

Not so many anglers out fishing and thats not too surprising considering the weather but we've had some really good sport and those that did fish really enjoyed it. Anglers averaged over 7 trout per rod over the last week - and considering most anglers were only fishing a four hour ticket that's pretty good fishing.

Snake flies, green & black or white & chartreuse like the one below were very effective as well as the olive zonker and the fluffcat. Still on either floating or intermediate lines.

Important - we are open our normal days throughout the holiday - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Fario Mini Snake  The Fario Mini Snake


Fishing this last week to Saturday 2nd December

Not many anglers out fishing last week due to the moderate weather. Saturday was our only busy day but the anglers that came out were very well rewarded, half of them having a dozen or more trout. Very lively fishing in spite of the cold weather.

Jubilee's most effective cold weather pattern, the Cats Whisker, did the trick taking many of the trout caught while the Olive Bloodworm also worked well.

The weather has turned milder and the snow has gone and trout are moving on the surface today so hopefully plenty of action this coming week.

Fishing this last week to Saturday 18th November

Fishing a bit quiet this week mainly because the trout don’t seem too sure of what they want. They’ve been taking on patterns such as the zonker, cats whisker and damsel and the black beetle or black buzzer but to narrow it down a bit the olive bloodworm or the olive buzzer have definitely been the most effective and still fished on a floating line.

Alan Corr, top left, from Wingate took a 4lb rainbow on a  black buzzer and Graham Caygill, top right, from Heighington took a 3lb 8oz also on the black buzzer. Brian Ridley, low left, from Bishop Auckland took a 3lb 1oz trout on a bloodworm and then Anthony Hauxwell, low right, from Staindrop had a great day. Anthony was fly fishing for the first time. He was on one of our ‘Bring a Beginner’ tickets being taught by his friend Steve Aldred. A few missed takes down the line Anthony managed to land two lovely rainbows weighing in at 4lb 4oz and 3lb 11oz, both on the olive buzzer. Great start and good luck Anthony!

Alan Corr     Graham Caygill   

Brian Ridley    Anthony Hauxwell


Fishing this last week to Saturday 11th November

Pretty decent for most of the week and though Friday was a bit quiet it fished really well on Saturday even though the conditions were much the same both days.

Zonkers, bunny leech and white lures generally, olive or pink bloodworm, damsels and buzzers have all taken trout and the black beetle is still taking one or two on the surface though there has been less surface activity with the cooler weather and still bright days.

Brian Sunderland from Darlington, below, took a nice trout of around 4lb on a bloodworm and there were some good trout caught and released.

Mr Sunderland


Fishing this last week - Saturday 4th November

Generally plenty of trout caught but the patterns are very changeable.

Subsurface the olive bloodworm and the black tadpole or similar black patterns are taking. The bunnyleech and the olive zonker have really started to work well stripped fast and no wonder. The frosts have just started and this is often a good time for us with the trout really after the fry. You can clearly see them chasing them.

Derek Parker (see below left) was telling us that one of the trout he caught was only a couple of pound but he reckoned it contained about 2 dozen little silver fry. Good sport.

Then again if the leaves are coming down the trout will almost certainly be rising and taking on patterns like the black beetle, foam daddy and the klinkammer.

Image is of Derek Parker with Dad Eric. They've fished here with us for many more than twenty years.

Derek & Eric Parker

Fishing this last week has been much as the last couple of weeks. Trout have been chasing fry and so some anglers have been catching on snakes, bunny leech, bloodworm and blobs - though never too sure where the blob comes in.

But if the wind has been blowing the leaves off the trees the fishing has been completely different with trout on the surface and taking readily on Daddies and Beetles. Great sport. There is obviously something on the leaves drawing the trout up to the surface.

As an example of how different the fishing can be from one minute to the next Derek Parker from Consett taking twelve trout on the bloodworm in no time at all while Brian Wallace from Yarm took a dozen on an Orange Foam Daddy and especially on the top lake on a beetle.

Image is of Steve Campbell from Eaglescliffe who took a couple on nice trout on an Olive Zonker - always a good Jubilee pattern!

Steve Campbell

Tuesday 17th October

A changeable weeks fishing but when it was good and it often was then it was excellent.

Much of the fishing was on the top and especially on the top lake with brown muddlers and daddies doing especially well - Brian Wallace from Yarm took a dozen on daddies - but bloodworm, bunny leech and blobs also caught.

Image is of Richard Hore from Darlington with a 3lb 12oz rainbow caught on a blob. 

Lance's trout

Thursday 12th October

All the new Greys clothing in the shop now. Daughter Angie's been unpacking it today and got pulled in for a quick bit of modelling. New clothing looks great. Looks much better worn than on the hanger. 

Angie Unpacking 1 Angie Unpacking 2  

Angie Unpacking 3  Angie Unpacking 4


Tuesday 10th October

Not a bad weeks fishing at all but changeable hence the long list of catching patterns -  Black Snatchers, Black Tadpoles, Natural Minkie, Gold head olive nymphs, buzzers and especially Cats Whiskers and Yellow Dancers.

Ken Bell from Bishop Auckland did OK with twelve trout on a short four hour session and there were plenty of good trout returned. That time of year when the bigger trout are active.

Monday 2nd October

A very changeable weeks fishing absolutely excellent to quite difficult at times.

Wednesday and Thursday were both difficult with none of the popular methods steadily catching. Yet on Friday it was hard to do anything wrong. Patterns had to be fished deep and very slowly. The weighted olive nymph, gold bead orange blob, gold bead damsel were all very effective - weighted patterns fished on an intermediate or even a sinking line. Quite unusual here where a floating line is usually all that's required.

Just when we thought 'the method' had been discovered on Friday, on Saturday the trout didn't want to know about taking deep. Although other anglers caught only Ryan Matthws from Bishop Auckland did really well. He was using an olive worm or snakefly with a roly poly retrieve. Still on a sinking line but the very fast and smooth retrieve kept the fly higher in the water.

Lets hope for more settled weather this week rather than the sharp changes from sunshine to heavy downpours which we're sure upset the fishing this last week.

Thursday 28th September

Lower lake just as we opened at nine this morning. Mist had cleared. Perfectly still - lovely!

Jubilee Lakes

Monday 25th September

Been another good weeks fishing except that the patterns have been much more variable. We've had months of fishing on the surface or just subsurface with Daddies, CDC's, Suspenders and buzzers - the best fishing we've had for years in fact - but the weather is changing now.

This week catching patterns have been deeper down - the drowned daddy, diawl bach, beaded nymphs, bloodworm, humbugs, black tadpole and the blob. The intermediate line has again been productive this week where we would normally always recommend fishing a floater here - even in the depths of winter. The intermediate and that handsome pattern, the orange blob, has proved a great combination. Phil Totten took thirteen using the method on Wednesday and Allan Proud took eleven on the same method on Saturday and lost as many off even when others were struggling a bit. 

You will have seen the 'little' beauty Eamonn Keveney caught earlier in this week in the post below - caught on a Fluffcat

And more news this week. The first part of our new for 2018 Hardy Greys range arrived in the shop this week. No room to move for boxes once it was all in. There's some good stuff in there and much more to come yet including a complete new range of clothing from Greys including shirts, fleeces and outer wear. We expect that to arrive in around a weeks time so watch this space.

In the meantime go to our Anglers' Lodge website for stock available in the shop and online now. 


Wednesday 20th September

Mr Eamonn Keveney from Peterlee with a 7lb 10oz caught on a Fluffcat. Was a good days fishing particularly on the morning. Silver Humungus, black cats and black buzzers did well on the lower lake. Bloodworm and sunburst blob did the trick up on the top lake.

Eamonn Keveney Jubilee lakes


Thursday 14th September

Alan Corr - famous as the inventor of the Wicked White Buzzer! Landed this one this morning. Weighing in at 3lb 6oz and caught on a #16 olive buzzer.

Jubilee lakes

Wednesday 13th September

Phillip Totten from Lanchester with 3lb 1oz rainbow caught on a black tadpole. Wind was cool and got quite strong at times yesterday and Phillip found that an intermediate worked best for him. He passed the word and it worked for other anglers too. Phil ended up with fifteen trout overall - not bad going!

Phil Totten Jubilee Lakes 

Thursday 31st August

Gary Lawrence from Spennymoor took two nice trout of 3lb and 6lb. Taken on a Damsel and then an Olive Zonker so for him olive was the trout catching colour. Other anglers caught on olive squirmies and yellow or wicked white (black with white cheek) buzzers.

Gary Lawrence 6lb at Jubilee Lakes  Gary Lawrence 3lb at Jubilee Lakes

Wednesday 30th August

Stuart Hicks and Martin Fowler from Redcar had a good day - Stuart, below right, with a 4lb 8oz and Martin, below left, with a 3 pounder. Both were caught on a muddler on floating lines. Plenty of trout caught with Daddies and Black Beetles also doing well. Good day!

Martin Fowler   Stuart Hicks


Tuesday 29th August

Open for fishing in the morning and hopefully another good week. No images for this last week which is a shame because we had some really good fishing. Daddies and CDC's still doing well - but we asked one of our regulars Alan Proud from Redcar what he had used. Use anything was his answer and he had landed twelve good trout to 8 or 9 pound. Lance Roberts from Darlington also landed twelve on a Fluff Cat and Black Cat and plenty of others had sixes and sevens so everyone happy.

Blyths fluffcats  Couple of Blyth Palmers Fluffcats


Tuesday 22nd August

Over the last week - 

Bit slow on Wednesday but otherwise a great weeks fishing with some really good sport especially on dry daddies.

Stuart Sexton from Darlington took a very nice trout this week at 6lb 5oz. He caught this and thirteen others on a black beetle. Pretty typical of the weeks fishing with a lot of trout taking off the surface.

Stuart Sexton Jubilee lakes

Keith Armstrong from Bishop Auckland landed a 3lb 4oz on the surface on a Daddy.

Keith Armstrong Jubilee lakes

Junior anglers in the news this week:-

Young Hugo Mace, twelve years old, fishing with his Dad Jean François took a 3lb 12oz rainbow. They were on holiday here from France. They don't speak any English so we aren't sure what the trout was caught on but this was their second visit so we reckon they must like the place. See below to last entry for his image - we know his name now!

Eleven year old Daniel Skelton from Darlington also took a lovely rainbow of 3lb. He caught his very first trout (weighing in at 4lb 8oz) when his uncle Terry Young brought him here to teach him to fish in June.

Daniel Skelton Jubilee Lakes

Whole range of patterns have been taking trout esp the Daddy but also Elk Hair Sedge, Shipmans, Fluff Cats, the Blue Zulu traditional wet fly, black hairs ears and black beetle. Good weeks fishing!

Thursday 17th August

Been another lovely day especially for a young gentleman from France who fished here today with his Dad (seen in the background). Young Master Mace landed himself a 3lb 12oz rainbow. Think it was caught on a Daddy but unfortunately though because neither of them could speak any English we don't know any more!! 

Master Mace


Weather for fly fishing here at Jubilee Lakes Stillwater updated Thursday 17th August at 8a.m. Absolutely poured during the night. Pity after such a tranquil day yesterday, see below - perfect peace! Fine now and warming up and brightening up nicely with a very gentle westerly breeze.

Lakes 16th August

Tuesday 15th August

Fishing a bit slow this last week. Though Cormorants, Daddies and small black dries have done very well the trout don't seem to have been too keen on a lure.

Lower lake is in absolutely tip top condition but the top lake though it has fished well has been a bit weedy this last week or two. It's been given Dave's full attention and with this (slightly) more settled weather there are a lot of trout moving on the surface. Looked prime as he finished tonight. Perfect!

Top Lake

Tuesday 25th July

Many of this weeks anglers had at least 10 trout each - Terry Ross from Willington, George Oliver from Durham, P Hooks from from Exelby, Phil Totten from Lanchester who clocked up 16.

Anyway generally very good fishing for most and mainly on green & black patterns such as the Montana, the Fluff Cat, Buzzers & Bloodworms.

Happy Anglers!

Tuesday 18th July

Last week started slowly but then just continued to pick up with some very lively fishing. Although many fish were lost off there were still plenty netted to keep everyone happy.

Best patterns were Diawl Bach, Hare's Ear, the Wicked White (black & white) buzzer, the Damsel, the Daddy and the Cdc Emerger. A lot of trout were lost off when fishing the Daddy but there was certainly plenty of sport.

Lakes are still looking good in spite of the heat so lets hope that the fishing will continue to be good this week.

Tuesday 11th July

Fishing has been settling down again nicely with trout taking mainly on buzzers in the top foot or so of water. Damsels have also done well and trout are coming up and having a look at a Daddy or Dry but then often just not taking.

Phil Totten from Lanchester had the best trout taken this week weighing in at 7lb 10oz and caught on a buzzer.

Hopefully conditions will have improved and fishing more settled this coming week with the thunder and lightning out of the way.

Phil with 7lb 10oz rainbow   Phil with 7lb 10oz rainbow

Also just to mention for those who have been waiting - we've just had a delivery of Fulling Mill hooks and at last got some black Comp Specials. Go to our Anglers' Lodge website to order 
Not before time either. And also a delivery of Partridge hooks. Must be Christmas!!

Tuesday 28th June

Can't say the fishing has been settled this week. The changes in weather, well over 30 degrees Monday and Tuesday then gale force winds and heavy rain have made the fishing quite tricky at times. So its still generally fished quite well but because we've had such excellent fishing lately its probably been slow by comparison.

Saturday was a fine example with strong winds and bright sunshine. If every trout on the flyline had been netted we would have had an excellent days fishing but the trout were taking short or no sooner on than off. Still trout caught but several of the anglers had 6-8 trout on and back off again. It's supposed to be relaxing!!

Best patterns this week have been the shuttlecock buzzer, daddy long legs, hopper, suspender buzzer (sometimes even stripped back fast) and the damsel. Lures not doing so much this week.


Tuesday 20th June

Fished really well again this week except for Saturday when it just got much too warm and very still. A big change from the weather we'd been having.

Fished well especially on CDC's, damsels and buzzers, the montana and hares ear plus the usual orange blobs and cats whisker. Some nice trout caught this week. The best taken was a good trout of 4lbs 5oz caught by Mr William Richardson from Peterlee on a Montana.

Its cooling off a bit today so we should get back to normal this week.


William Richardson with his 4lb 5oz trout


Tuesday 13th June

Really another great weeks fishing and sorry if this is getting boring!

Anglers catching on everything from foam beetles, CDC's and traditional dries on the surface to blobs, zonkers and cats whisker snakes deeper down. The water is lovely and the Lakes look really well.

Don't really quote averages because it depends on who's fishing but we averaged over 10 trout per rod again this week and most of the rods were only fishing four hours - pretty good fishing.

Just to mention due to a cancellation we have one rod left available for casting tuition, (trout, switch or salmon), on Friday morning. If you would like to book please phone us tomorrow, Wednesday on 01388772611 or email

Snake FlyCats Whisker Snake


Wednesday 7th June

Report to last Saturday:-

Bit more variable with the weather being a bit unsettled and towards thundery but the Lakes are still fishing really well (and even better this week).

The damsel on a floating line on the top lake or and intermediate on the lower lake has done exceptionally well and the takes on it have been ferocious. Even to the point when one of our most experienced anglers decided to use finger guards!

Buzzers, klinkhammers, tadpoles, black nymphs & montana's (black & green) have all done very well. It's the time of year when we have millions of tadpoles in the water and montanas and black nymphs, black dognobblers or black zonkers all seem to tempt the trout. Good on fishing either on the surface or deeper down.

Eleven year old Daniel Skelton from Darlington had his very first trout ever weighing in at 4lb 8oz and caught on a Montana. Good start for him and good luck for his future in flyfishing. See image below -

First ever trout

Mark Rylatt from Blyth, below left had a lovely 5lb 4oz caught on a buzzer and veteran of our Lakes and and good friend Jim Sullivan from Hexham, right took a 6lb 5oz on an orange tailed damsel nymph.

Mark Jim

Thats it for this week - just excellent fishing. Our anglers are loving it - and we love it too!

Re Daniel Skelton and his first trout

Don't know whether you remember our post of a week or two ago regarding Markus Eichel. He was the winner of the Novice Category of the first round of this years Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine Fly Tyers League which we sponsor. He was kind enough to donate his prize back to us to help children in our area to learn to fish. Markus said he would like to help young people experience the pleasure of fishing - might help them one day if their life gets tough.

We decided the best way to do this was to put his £40.00 voucher towards a junior outfit - an 8' Shakespeare Sigma Rod with matching reel and line. Well young Daniel Skelton was the first junior to use the kit and it brought him luck with his very first trout. Many thanks to you Markus Eichel - Daniel will I'm sure be the first of many youngsters to catch their first trout using the junior outfit - thankyou!


Tuesday 30th May

In spite of the weather, heat, rain and thunder the fishing has continued to be very good.

Some anglers have gone deeper with the orange blob, zonker and cat but still trout have mainly been caught on CDC emerger patterns, buzzers and beetles. The hawthorne fly and daddy long legs have also been a great favourite with the trout this week. I always think this is understandable - personally I would always prefer the larger meal - roast beef and yorkshire pud rather than a bit of a salad.

Anyway most patterns have been taken on or near the surface and still plenty of trout moving around though not as many right up on the surface with the heavier weather.

Juicy Daddy The Big Fat Juicy Daddyhog!!!


Thursday 18th May

Thinking of tying up some spider patterns but not sure what materials you need or where to find them.

Graham Barker from Edinburgh has just produced a whole range of beautifully tied patterns for us.

They're listed on our website with all the materials required to tie them. Head to our website to OUR NEW SPECIAL SPIDER SECTION

Grahams Spiders

AND - A Fantastic sunset here tonight. You just have to see this - talk about a burning sky! Just looks fantastic

Burning Sky


Tuesday 16th May

Report for the last week. But there is no report - the fishing just continues to be absolutely excellent. CDC emergers taken in the surface or just subsurface and Hawthorne flies, black hoppers or similar. When the wind has turned cold try a lure - orange & coral blob perhaps but not stripped rather fished like a buzzer with a figure of eight retrieve. Good fishing and good fish caught!

Monday 15th May

Really nice gesture from Markus Eichel. He was the winner of the Novice Category of the first round of this years Fly Tying League which we sponsor. He's been kind enough to donate his prize back to us to help children in our area to learn to fish. Markus said he would like to help young people experience the pleasure of fishing - might help them one day if their life gets tough.

We decided the best way to do this was to put his £40.00 voucher towards a junior outfit - an 8' Shakespeare Sigma Rod with matching reel and line. So often youngsters are trying to learn to fish with tackle suited to an adult, not ideal. Now we have the kit at the fishery and any junior coming here to learn to fish can use it. We should have thought of it sooner!! Thanks ever so much Markus, much appreciated. 

Above Markus Eichel with his first grayling, taken on an Adams #14 in spring last year at the Wiesent in south of Germany. Good Luck Markus!

Monday 8th May

Fishing has continued to be very good with a lot of trout rising and a lot of trout being caught but the method has changed towards the end of the week. Although the wind has been consistently easterly lately the weather from Thursday started to turn especially bitter. The trout continued to rise but whereas they were taking very readily on or just under the surface they started to come to the fly but not actually take it or else take it then spit it out. Takes were not so confident as they had been.

To Wednesday the black buzzer, CDC Emergers such as the Shipmans and Shuttlecock buzzers were doing really well. They have still done well through the week and on the top lake a large foam daddy has been especially effective but there have also been more trout caught on lures especially when there has been times when there has been no sun to warm the cooling effect of the wind.

Still the rises have been excellent with plenty of trout moving and plenty of trout caught whether on the surface or deeper down on lures such as the red bead damsel and the hot head taddy.

Best trout taken this week was the 5 pounder in the image below, one of 12 caught by Blyth Palmer from South Shields on his Fluffcat but there have also been a lot of good trout returned.

Thursday 4th May

Another absolutely excellent days fishing. Mainly on CDC emergers and buzzers (again). Blyth Palmer always bucks the trend though. He had 13 trout last time he was here at the weekend and another 12 today. He had a lovely 5 pounder this morning but caught on his favourite pattern - the Fluffcat. 

Blyth has six favourite patterns he uses here but they aren't standard stuff. He's been kind enough to let us have a look. No emergers here - they aren't his style - but these are certainly deadly patterns.

Left from top: Orange & Coral Blob; Yellow Buzzer - this has the finest silver glitter in the varnish; Black buzzer with a tiny red bead head, red wire rib and the finest peacock herl collar.

Right from top: The Fluffcat; The Double 'O' - (olive & orange); finally the Olive Zonker.

Blyth's tip - vary the retrieve!

Blyths Deadly patterns

This was Blyth's 5lb trout caught this morning....

Blyth's 5 pounder


Report to Saturday 30th April

Just brilliant fishing consistent on buzzers, cdc's often just subsurface and damsels expecially with a hot head bead. This is definitely the best sp